Buzz: Prabhas Zeroed On Three Investment Options

One of the top charging stars right now in the entire Indian film circuit is none other than Superstar Prabhas. He is said to be taking home a whopping ₹150 crores in remuneration for each movie.

But then, unlike those superstars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan, this actor is not investing in various businesses such that his income would grow into huge wealth.

A little birdie on the inside has now revealed that Prabhas is actually making lots of investment plans such that he would carefully grow his money to the next level.

While building theatres and investing in the film-production business is already being done, he wants to enter into other businesses too where his involvement will be lesser and long-term gains would be fruitful.

He’s said to have zeroed on three investment options, including partnering with a construction company, putting money into thermal and other energy-generating units, and another product-building business abroad.

Reports are coming that his cousin Pramod and his sister (Krishnamraju’s daughter) are said to be taking care of this aspect, and very soon Prabhas will finalise one of them. Well, hope to see the name of Prabhas on Forbes List very soon if his business acumen works big time.