Struggling Young Hero Not Ready To Pause Batting

Despite the fact that a movie flopped, there will be few heroes who keep bringing films back to back into theatres. Back in the day, the likes of Allari Naresh and Raj Tarun used to do that a lot, and they lost their market big time after that. And it looks like some heroes are treading on the same path now and we wonder what is going to happen.

Even after the failure of two films including Like Share Subscribe and Kalyanam Kamaneeyam, young hero Santosh Sobhan not only dared to come up with a routine movie like Sridevi Sobhan Babu, but brought the three of them into theatres in just 6 months time. And now, even after this disaster in February, he is not going to stop, as he wants to test his luck in Summer of 2023 as well.

One of the long-delayed films Santosh, “Anni Manchi Sakunale”, directed by Nandini Reddy and produced by Sitaramam makers, is now getting ready for a Summer release. The film’s shooting got almost a year ago, the eve before Sitaramam got completed, but got delayed for unknown reasons. Though Nandini Reddy is a reliable filmmaker, we have to see what this continuous batting will do for Santosh’s career.