Talk: Public Workouts In Skimpy Clothes Is a Bad Idea

Of course, rather asking women to not wear skimpy outfits, one has to teach men as to how they should look at women. But then, can we really teach that by going out there in skimpy outfits? What if some uncontrollable mob does some atrocious things? What can’t these hotties restrict such hotness to Instagram from the comfort of their homes?

These are the questions and discussions that are doing rounds ever since heroine Samyuktha Hegde’s other day Bangalore incident has become a talk everywhere. Apparently, every video grab is showing that Samyuktha and her friends have slipped into a sexy sports bra, like how Disha Patani flaunts her assets in those Calvin Klien bras, and then started doing workouts.

As people (both the youths and social activists) are uncontrollable upon looking at women dressed in such posh wear, netizens are advising that working out in skimpy clothes at public places is not a good idea, not just for heroines but for anyone else. That too in the South, where girls appearing in sexy outfits in public places is a bit of rarity unlike in a Delhi or Mumbai, definitely its better to avoid the prying eyes rather trying to teach them a lesson.

Of course, the version of heroines and feminists will always be that, there should be liberty when it comes to what one wears and where she wants to wear what. That will be an unending debate, as netizens feel that prevention is better than cure.