Three Heroines For Venkatesh?

While senior stars in Hollywood who are aged more than 55 or 60 years, usually appear in roles where they have teen kids as well. But here in Telugu, movie lovers are trolling superstars like Chiranjeevi and Balayya badly because still they are playing that young lover boy kind of role. And as they pick up heroines who are below half of their age, they are getting trolled badly.

Amongst the senior stars here, Venkatesh Daggubati got an appreciation for appearing in films like Asuran remake and Drishyam remake where he appeared with senior heroines and was also seen as the father of two kids.

However, for his upcoming film Saindhav which is being directed by HIT movie franchise fame Sailesh Kolanu, it is coming out that he will have three heroines. Though the clarity about this is not known, fans are worried that Venkatesh might get trolled if this happens.

As Venkatesh got shifted to doing more family-oriented roles these days, already his bold role in the series Rana Naidu is also drawing a bit of apprehension regarding the reception. And with Saindhav appearing like a serious film, it has to be seen how the presence of three heroines is going to fit into that. For now, everyone who hears about this three heroines are feeling like ‘oh too much’, and let the official note come out anyway.