CM YS Jagan Tweets Congrats To RRR Team, Singer Not Happy

RRR winning an Oscar award for the song Naatu Naatu as the Best Original Song is a pride for the whole country. The Telugu people are happier than ever to see the ‘acha Telugu’ song going to the Oscars and bringing the Golden Statuette home.

Well, AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy tweeted congratulations to the RRR team for winning the award. He tweeted, ‘The #Telugu flag is flying higher! I’m filled with pride on a Telugu song, that so beautifully celebrates our folk heritage, being given its due recognition internationally today. Thank you for making me, crores of Telugu people across the world and all Indians incredibly proud!’

SS Rajamouli thanked YS Jagan for the wishes, but a singer seems to be disgruntled by the way YS Jagan tweeted. Singer Adnan Sami vented his frustration on YS Jagan for the latter mentioning the ‘Telugu flag’ in his tweet.

Adnan Sami replied to AP CM’s tweet with, ‘What a regional-minded frog in a pond who can’t think about the ocean because it’s beyond his tiny nose!! Shame on you for creating regional divides & unable to embrace or preach national pride! Jai HIND!!🇮🇳’

This is not the first time Adnan Sami tried to denounce YS Jagan. He did it earlier too when the AP CM tweeted a congratulatory message to the RRR team for winning Golden Globe Awards, Adnani came up to ridicule Jagan for the same thing, the ‘Telugu flag’.

The point Adnan Sami missing here is that anyone who mentions the ‘Telugu flag’ translates to ‘Telugu pride’ or similar, but not separating Telugu from India. There were many comments pouring in on Adnan’s timeline that what is wrong with him if a Telugu CM mentions the ‘Telugu flag’ while appreciating a pure Telugu song by all Telugu people winning an international award.

When a user replied to Adnan Sami with, ‘Thanks, but the Telugu flag is flying higher.’, Adnan Sami is back again with a tweet saying, ‘This is the exact kind of mentality that ultimately led to the partition of 1947 of which the disaster echoes even today! While regional culture & pride is absolutely essential, NOTHING should ever overtake national pride, unity, prestige & flag…