Similarities To Pushpa – Nani Responds

Ever since the trailer of “Dasara” was released, there is a comment trending everywhere that the looks of the film are resembling “Pushpa” including Nani’s getup while the storyline is looking like a “Rangasthalam”. The Bollywood media present in Lucknow on Tuesday evening at the trailer launch are quick enough to question the same.

When asked if the look of Nani inside Dasara got inspired by Pushpa, as Bollywood folks made the movie a massive ₹200+ crores hit there, Natural Star is made to respond. “No, except the hair, baniyan and lungi, there is nothing similar to Pushpa in Dasara. Also after Dasara releases, you will say that it is Dasara look in case anyone turns out in that look” said Nani, exuding huge confidence in the movie’s result.

In responding to a Q that Telugu and South films are literally taking over Bollywood, Nani said, “Back then when I’m a kid, lots of Hindi films used to release in Hyderabad. And now, Telugu films are getting released in the North, thus creating a balance in the equation”. Well, that’s a terrific answer. But we have to see how Dasara will be received by the North audience.