PK’s Film: Harish Shankar Denies Those Changes

From a time, director Harish Shankar has stopped giving updates to Pawan Kalyan’s fans regarding Ustaad Bhagat Singh as they have started trolling him big time. Though he hasn’t confirmed that the film is a remake, writer Dasarath clarified that they are indeed remaking Theri with some major changes. However, the director has now revealed that he is not making changes but left everyone in confusion.

Apparently, some rumours have started to trend that there are lots of changes being made in the original Theri for Pawan Kalyan. While Vijay appears as a baker in the Goa episode, it is being heard that PK will be seen as a lecturer, a thread earlier written by Harish Shankar for his own Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh. At the same time, while Vijay has a small daughter in the film, PK will be having a son here. So, how much of this is true?

Harish Shankar denied that he is doing any such changes to the script. But then, as he said “Not True”, many are throwing satire if he is saying not true to the fact that they are doing a remake of Theri. Whatever it may be, it looks like Harish Shankar has pushed PK fans into further confusion.