RRR 2: If Rajamouli Is Serious, Things Will Be Different

During the promotions of “RRR” in Hollywood, legendary director SS Rajamouli has a couple of times stated that he will be kick-starting the work on the film’s sequel as well. Looking at the content of this iconic film that fetched the first-ever Oscar for an Indian movie, the Western folks felt that the story is incomplete and they want to see how the battle of Ram and Bheem with the monarchy British ended. And here goes an update.

In his latest interactions with Hollywood media post the Oscar-award ceremony, SS Rajamouli stated that he will be speeding the process of writing the RRR2 story and screenplay such that they could take off the film at the earliest. Looks like the director has decided to do the sequel at any cost and that will be changing the plans of Jr NTR and Ram Charan big time. Currently, Charan has Buchi Babu’s film to shoot, while NTR committed to #NTR30 under Koratala Siva’s direction.

If Rajamouli wraps his film with Mahesh by the time these two ‘global stars’ complete their next, then they have to cancel their other movies to work on RRR2. Or if Rajamouli’s movie with Mahesh takes more time, then they could do one more film as well after their current commitments. So if Rajamouli is really serious about RRR2, then Charan-Tarak have to change their plans big time. Let’s see what happens.