These Videos Are Better Than My Films -Allu Arjun’s Heroine

Well, it’s no one’s mistake but some actors get labelled and stereotyped due to their debut film and for a few, it will be tough to come out of that cocoon. One such curious case is none other than heroine Bhanusri Mehra, who till today gets referred to as Allu Arjun’s Varudu movie heroine. And she wants to wipe off that image now.

Back in 2010, Allu Arjun starred in Gunasekhar’s Varudu movie and the face of the heroine was completely hidden during the promotions, thus raking huge expectations for the actress as well as the movie. But then, the movie failed to do well at the box office and that disastrous result has completely shaken the hopes of debutant Bhanusri Mehra whose career never took off. She was offered only small movies and they never did any good to her career. After nearly 13 years now, the actress started a new career, as a YouTuber, and is looking forward to wipe-off Varudu girl tag.

“Actor turned content creator, trying to prove that I’m more than just ‘THAT girl from VARUDU’- a film that’s like a distant memory from a past life 😅!”, wrote Bhanusri Mehra on her social media pages as she newly started out as a content creator on YouTube. “I promise my YouTube videos are more entertaining than my film career !”, she says, asking everyone to subscribe as she took up a new job.

On that note, we have to say that to succeed on YouTube one should make viral videos or one of their videos should go viral but mere social media requests won’t be enough. Let’s see if Varudu heroine makes a mark now or not.