Das Ka Dhamki Is Not Dhamaka: Vishwak Sen Clarifies

Vishwak Sen’s Das Ka Dhamki is gearing up for release on March 22 and the prerelease event happened last night.

In an exclusive interview with Gulte.com. Vishwak Sen opened up on stories about Das Ka Dhamki’s similarities with a recent film of Raviteja, Dhamaka.

Vishwak Sen while revealing his dual role in the film, he clarified that it is not Dhamaka. Vishwak Sen underlined that it has a dual role but there is no bluffing in that like in Raviteja’s Dhamaka.

Vishwak laughed about the rumor and said people are not fools to buy the same story as a released movie. Though it is coming from the same writer, Das Ka Dhamki is in no way similar to Dhamaka, according to Vishwak.

The Das Ka Dhamki actor says the release date was moved from February to March because of delays in CG work and that has nothing to do with said rumors about similar stories.