Nani Has Reasons For Promoting Dasara Alone

Nani Dasara

Of course, anyone who has seen the promotions of the upcoming mass film “Dasara” would get doubt why hero Nani is promoting the film solo, without the company of his director as well as the heroine. With Keerthy Suresh being a big name, and newcomer director Srikanth Odela looking like a fine talent, their presence would have surely made the difference or added more to the vibe. So, why are they missing? 

When checked, it is now coming out that Keerthy Suresh is not being able to join Nani because of her shooting schedule. Though she is very much in Hyderabad, currently she is shooting for ‘Bhola Shankar’ with Megastar Chiranjeevi as she plays the role of the hero’s sister in the film. During the nights, she is said to be taking care of Dasara promotions and recording some interviews with media folks. 

Coming to director Srikanth Odela, a part of Dasara VFX is said to be getting done at a studio abroad and he’s sitting right there to get the final renders done. As the director is keen on quality, he doesn’t want to stay back in India and give indications to CG teams through video calls. That’s the reason he is not present at the promotions of the film as he’s taking care of the post-production work. 

Well, that explains why Nani is promoting the film all alone. But the way he’s spearheading the campaign is quite creating an impact.