Talk: Big Disaster Film For Janasena Party Fund

On the occasion of the upcoming birthday of Mega Powerstar Ram Charan, the makers of his “Magadheera” have earlier fixed to re-release the film. However, they say that the plan to release the film got called off as another film is hitting cinemas now, thus removing the confusion among Ram Charan’s fans.

Apparently Orange is the first movie that is actually set for re-release, but then Magadheera’s name popped up, and many thought that the Rajamouli directorial will be hitting the screens considering the fact that it is an epic blockbuster. But for reasons unknown, the release of Magadheera was called off, paving the way for Orange. And this biggest disaster movie of Ram Charan’s career is hitting cinemas for a major release.

News is coming out that all the money that comes from the ticket sales will be sent out to Janasena Party as a fund. While Orange is a classic film for sure though it didn’t work out in theatres at that time as many felt that the story is way ahead of time, one has to see if it will work now such that Janasena will get a huge fund.

On the other hand, the neutral lovers of the Orange movie but who don’t actually back Janasena are crying foul as to why they should buy tickets now to help a political party.