Chiru’s Arrival Is Wiping Out The Negative Talk

Sometimes some failed combinations create lots of negativity around the directors and actors, and one such thing happened with young filmmaker Venky Kudumula as well. While his new film’s announcement, which he called it #VNRTrio, is quite catchy and exciting, that led to some other rumours coming true.

Apparently, Venky was supposed to work with Megastar Chiranjeevi and is writing a script for the supreme hero for years. However, talk has always come out that the Matinee Idol hasn’t liked the script and the film might not happen.

Owing to all the rumours, finally Venky moved to Nithin’s film and took in Rashmika as the heroine. That brought more talk that Chiru has pushed out Venky, but then today, the same Megastar arrived as a Chief Guest for Venky’s new film launch.

Definitely arrival of Chiranjeevi is wiping out all the negative talk around Venky Kudumula and the so-called project. Also, we could assume that Chiru’s presence is an indicator that maybe the duo will be teaming up for a film soon. Whether that happens or not, the negativity around both Chiru and Venky over the called-off project has now gotten lessened.