Leaked Censor Corrections Revealing Dasara’s Twist?

Nani’s Dasara is gearing up to hit the screens on March 30. Nani and Keerthy Suresh are relentlessly promoting the film. Nani’s rigorous promotions and confidence in the project have definitely pushed Dasara a level up in expectations.

Amid the hype and promotions, a list of corrections and cuts for Dasara suggested by the censor board leaked online. The enthusiasts started decoding each correction in their own style. One of those excisions is making rounds on social media as one of the crucial twists in the story.

That particular grisly scene from the movie is said to be the one that turns the whole story in the way nobody expects. Apart from that, there are many other excisions mostly about abuse and cursing.

It has to be seen if the said ‘shot’ in the movie is of great impact and is a real twist. But if we have to go by the confidence of Nani for the film and the result, the twists and turns in Dasara should be bulletproof of predictability!