The First Two Telugu Words Ever On Oscar Stage

“RRR” has created history for sure, being the first Indian film and Indian film crew to attend an Oscar event and even win one. And ace lyricist Chandrabose is one of them to bag the coveted trophy for his writing in the song ’Naatu Naatu’ from the movie. And he made some important revelations another day while sharing his Oscar experience.

Chandrabose is meeting lots of fans, wellwishers and others, showcasing to them the Oscar trophy he won for the “Naatu Naatu” song. More than the Oscar, the way he revealed how the first two Telugu words ever sung and spoken on the Oscar stage, are the biggest touchpoints of history the RRR team created is actually catching attention. He says, “Polam is the first ever Telugu word that’s sung on Oscar stage (Polam gattu.. is the starting line of Naatu Naatu song) and Namaste is the first Telugu word that’s uttered (Chandrabose said it at the winner’s speech) on the Oscar stage, and that makes me proud”.

He further added that the word ‘polam’ refers to our way of living, while ‘namaste’ is our culture. That surely stunned everyone who heard it and that video of Chandrabose is currently going viral on social media. Listening to him, definitely, we should be proud of what he has achieved for Telugu-speaking people all over the globe through Rajamouli and Keeravani’s able support.