Back To Back Updates Giving This Hype

Of course, fans are always asking for massive updates from the movie, but giving these many updates is going to create terrific hype for the film and there are chances that fans and the audience will get hurt if things go south as it happened in the case of ‘Acharya’. At a time when Koratala Siva is crafting #NTR30, here is a good piece of advise for the director to follow.

Recently at the launch of #NTR30, Koratala stated that this film will be the best work of his career, and that created enormous hype for the movie. While having some national-fame production designers and other technicians is fine, now the makers have stated that Kenny Bates, the Hollywood action director behind many big hit films and also Prabhas’ Saaho has joined the team. This further hyped the film, while the arrival of Janhvi Kapoor led to more hype earlier.

In fact, if the director could match his content to the hype, then there will be no issue at all. But if things happen like Acharya, then fans will feel bad and the director might get trolled again. During Acharya promotions, the director promised that Chiru and Charan will be seen in a terrific avatars in the film but then they are actually quite dull and uninteresting inside the movie, which affected his credibility big time.