It’s Official: OscaRRR Campaign’s Cost Only ₹8.5 Cr

All these days rumours have been popping out that ace director SS Rajamouli has spent crores of rupees for the Oscar Campaign of his latest movie “RRR”. The likes of Tammareddy Bharadwaja further added fuel to the rumours that Rajamouli himself has spent nearly ₹80 crores from his pocket for the campaign. Finally, the campaign worked out and the film won an Oscar for the film under “Best Original Song” category. However, the talk about the budget for the campaign is worrying the non-contenders for sure. 

In an interview, SS Karthikeya has now clarified the budget he has spent on the movie’s Oscar campaign. “As we don’t have a chance to bank on a Hollywood studio for an Oscar campaign, we did it ourselves. Initially, we planned things in under ₹5 crores budget, but later we felt of wrapping up the campaign in ₹3.5 crores. But finally, we ended up spending nearly ₹8.5 crores as we did some special screenings in New York and Los Angeles as well”. 

However, the talented assistant director, who also happens to be the son of SS Rajamouli added that despite the fact that they have spent crores, it is the audience who has done a free promotion for them out of love and respect for the movie. “We can’t buy that love of the audience. No amount could make the likes of James Cameron and Steven Spielberg talk about the film. I’m happy that we won that respect”, Karthikeya added. 

So with this revelation, the true budget spent on the Oscar campaign is truly out, as the one who headed the whole campaign work revealed it.