Manchu Manoj Responds On incident With Vishnu

Manchu brothers rift and differences have become a huge topic in social media and TV channels. In the last few days a video was circulated online which saw Manchu Vishnu warning supporters of Manchu Manoj along with Manoj’s voice. Amidst all this, Manchu Manoj has made his first media appearance. Manoj attended the puja ceremony of Sreehari’s son Meghamsh’s new movie. 

When the media questioned Manoj about the whole incident and whether there was a fight between the brothers or it was just a prank, Manoj avoided a direct and straight answer. Manoj did not clarify anything on the burning topic. He just said movies are his priority and movies are his life. 

“Cinema is my life. Audiences are my life. I’m coming back to the cinema. Need all your wishes and support. Started a new life, need all your blessings,” said an emotional Manchu Manoj. 

When prodded about the video and rift with brother Vishnu, Manoj said that the media knows better than him. “You (media) know better than me,” said Manoj on the controversial video which went viral online.

Meanwhile, Manoj made a statement on his new movie that is going to be launched soon. He said an official announcement on the film would be made in the first week of April. Manoj also said his upcoming film ‘What The Fish’ also begins shooting simultaneously.