Allu Arjun’s Video Call To Ram Charan!

Allu Arjun missing cousin Ram Charan’s birthday has been blown out of proportion. In addition to this, Allu Arjun also didn’t publicly greeted Ram Charan on his just-concluded birthday. These fuelled the ongoing rumours about their alleged rift. With this AA fans and RC fans fought online. Amidst fan wars and various rumours, finally AA team has responded and tried to clarify the incident.

The team AA reasoned that Allu Arjun is stuck in Vietnam and he couldn’t make it to Ram Charan’s birthday party. Allu Arjun and Ram Charan’s common cousin birthday is celebrated in Vietnam for which AA flew down. AA team further stated that even Ram Charan’s sister is also stuck in Vietnam. 

Meanwhile, it is said that Allu Arjun has made a video-call to Ram Charan and the duo spoke at length. Allu Arjun celebrated 20 years of his acting career in the film industry for which appreciations and wishes poured in from all corners. Mega Star Chiranjeevi too wished Bunny specially. In this backdrop, AA team has to clarify on these rumours which hit headlines often without a strong base.

“Bunny & Charan gaari Cousin birthday unte Vietnam lo unnaru antha…Charan gaari sister kooda akkade unnaru. Ivaala morning ea antha back vachaaru. So ivvala ma team kalisi wish chesam. AA & RC video call matadukunnaru ani telisthe prasaanthamga padukogalara meeru ivaaala?” tweeted Allu Arjun’s publicist.