House Of Manchus Teaser: Manchu Family Reality Show!

Manchu brothers’ alleged feud has become a discussion point in the Telugu states. A video that allegedly has Manchu Vishnu fighting with Manoj’s close aides has gone viral on social media and TV channels picked up the issue in no time and blew the whole issue out of proportion. Amidst all this, the media as well as the public wants to know what exactly happened in Manchu’s house. Netizens too have many unanswered questions and doubts in Manchu brothers alleged rift.

So, cashing in on this craze and surge in demand from all over to know the happenings of Manchus, actor, filmmaker and businessman Manchu Vishnu has come up with an interesting idea of ‘Manchus Reality Show’. Interestingly, a glimpse about this reality TV show on Manchus is out. The glimpse featured clippings of news channels about Manchus and the recent incident. Looks like, Vishnu Manchu poked these channels in the teaser and thus wants this reality TV show to be the talking point. All of this is adding upto the curiosity.

Touted to be India’s biggest reality show, House Of Manchus is going to be a kickass show similar to The Kardashians, an American reality TV series that focuses on the personal lives of the Kardashians. It is learnt that Manchu Vishnu is also planning something huge like this and it revolves around the Manchu family and their personal lives. This idea is creating a lot of buzz and curiosity as the family often stays in headlines. The reality show is going to be produced by Vishnu himself on AVA Entertainment. More details are awaited. Stay tuned for more updates on this!