Some people arrive into your life unexpectedly – Renu Desai

Renu Desai

Actress and filmmaker Renu Desai is back in the news. The former wife of Pawan Kalyan has put a post on her Instagram page which is hogging the limelight.

Renu in her post wrote, “Some people arrive into your life unexpectedly.” In the post, she added, “Most departures are painful.” This is what many are linking it to Pawan Kalyan and also attributing to Renu’s painful phase of break-up with Pawan.

But the whole post just looks like random quotes. Her total post goes like this. “Some people arrive into your life unexpected, like a cool spring breeze on a hot summer day…their stardust speckled eyes converse with your heart directly. A secret ancient language. Even though you spend few hours with them, they imprint themselves on your soul for eternity…

most departures are painful but few leave you so complete and healed that your eyes shine bright through the tears and you smile a little more…”

While Renu might have put this randomly, many netizens are reading this between the lines. Earlier, Renu reportedly found a person. Rumours were then rife that she would get married for second-time and get settled down. However, Renu had reportedly dropped those plans and broke up with the person. Since then, Renu has been a single mother raising her two children Akira and Aadhya.