‘Secret’ Promotions Helped In Building Hype!

Ravanasura is one of the upcoming Telugu films which is carrying decent expectations at the box office. The film is billed to be a stylish action thriller starring Ravi Teja in the lead role. The film is gearing up for a grand release tomorrow, and the movie’s promotions are being discussed in the film circles.

The major factor in the film’s promotions is that the team consciously avoided revealing the core elements of the film. There is no hint about what the story will be. Moreover, the film has multiple heroines, but their characters are kept under wraps.

Director Sudheer Varma is also building hype around the film. He should have conveyed the kind of twists existing in the film and also mentioned that they are not opting for a pan-India release as the content will be revealed easily. He is highlighting the fact that everyone will get to witness the film’s surprises in theatres alone.

Since it is a thriller, it is common to expect a lot of twists in the film, but what’s more surprising is the plan being implemented by the makers to promote the film without discussing the content. The team is promising a lot of surprises for the movie unit, and we have to see what’s in store for the audiences.