Pic Talk: JP’s Last Time On The Sets Of A Telugu Film

Jayaprakash Reddy

The loss of talented senior actor Jayaprakash Reddy aka JP is something that left a huge vacuum in the Telugu Film Industry which can’t be filled or replaced with anyone or anything else. Whether it is JP’s comedy timing or the way he simply moulds himself into any character quite easily, he’s the heartthrob of many.

Here comes the picture of JP who is shooting for a film in Hyderabad back in July. After the initial restrictions on lockdown got ease, JP came to Hyderabad from Guntur and started taking part in shootings. That’s an unknown small budgeted movie JP is working on, and during the schedule gap, he went to Guntur again. But unfortunately, he will never come back to films.

From his villainy in Samara Simha Reddy to his comedy in EVV brand movies and to the latest ones, JP is always cherished by Telugu film lovers like how they enjoyed an AVS, Dharmavarapu and MS Narayana. Surely we have lost another gem of a comedian who never disappointed us in making us laughing even if they are part of a bad film. We miss you JP!!