Hypocritic Statements Of Film Celebs On #BiggBoss4

Even before the participated started their first day inside #BiggBoss4 house, our people took to social media page to give their reviews. And guess what, some film celebrities who cry a lot when their films are reviewed on Day 1, have given a lot of reviews about the show’s contestants. And most of them stood as epitomes of hypocrisy, here’s why.

Apparently a senior director who has made some hit films at the start of his career with the then rising-star who is no more has raised a discussion. He stated that #BiggBoss4 is aimed at Telugu audiences but the organisers have done gross injustice to Telugu celebs who could have become participants of the show. He questioned why they brought Monal from Mumbai, Suryakiran from Kerala and Amma Rajasekhar from Chennai for the show.

Well, this is a debatable thing, as the organisers of Bigg Boss would have surely tried for Telugu celebs to become part of the show, but then it is their call as they want the show that way. And coming to this senior director, in all of the films he made, he roped in heroines from Calcutta, Bihar, Mumbai and Malayalam but never gave a chance to any Telugu beauty. Many wonder what happened to his honesty when he was carving movies.

On the other hand, while these film celebs dubbed #BiggBoss4 as the weakest edition for its not-so-popular contestants, already the TRPs of the show are said to be going towards a higher side.