Priyanka Chopra Reveals That Director Wanted To See Her Underwear

Priyanka Chopra has stirred controversy in Bollywood with her recent interview, where she revealed an unsettling incident from her early days in the industry. The global icon shared that a director once requested to see her underwear during a striping scene.

Recalling the incident, Priyanka mentioned that she was playing an undercover agent and was supposed to seduce a character. While she wanted to layer up for the scene, the director insisted on showcasing her underwear, questioning why anyone would watch the movie otherwise. The incident left Priyanka feeling dehumanized and led her to walk off the set, even reimbursing the production for her two days of filming.

In other news, Priyanka made headlines after appearing on Alexandra Cooper’s podcast, where the host had made derogatory comments about her and her relationship with Nick Jonas.

The episode, which has since been removed, saw Alexandra refer to Priyanka as a lesbian and criticize the couple for their public displays of affection. Despite the controversies, Priyanka continues her work in the entertainment industry, recently starring in the romantic comedy-drama “Love Again” alongside Sam Heughan. The film, directed by James C. Strouse, received mixed reviews upon its release on May 5, 2023.