Vishwaksen To Debut On Jio Cinema With ‘Boo’

The official trailer for the Tamil-Telugu bilingual horror thriller ‘Boo’ has been released. Unlike traditional theatrical releases, the film will premiere directly on the OTT platform JioCinema on May 27th. It will be available for free, separate from the premium subscription. Starring Vishwaksen in the lead role, the film marks his debut on the OTT platform.

‘Boo’ revolves around a group of girls who decide to hold a seance and read a book about ghosts. Soon, the events described in the book start happening to them, leading to a terrifying series of encounters. The trailer conveys the eternal conflict between the terrified girls and the menacing evil spirits. It cleverly uses hiccups as a sign of the presence of a ghost, adding to the suspense.

The film features a talented cast, including Rakul Preet Singh, Megha Akash, Manjima Mohan, Nivetha Pethuraj, and Vidyullekha Raman. Directed by Vijay, ‘Boo’ promises to be an A-rated thriller filled with scary and spine-chilling moments. The background music intensifies the eerie atmosphere, while the cinematography by Sandeep K Vijay captures the essence of horror. The dark, scarlet-ish color grading adds to the film’s haunting ambiance.

After a long time, it seems audiences will finally have a compelling horror movie to look forward to.