Pic Talk: Dimple Shows Her Bit Of Red

Khiladi and Ramabanam actress Dimple Hayathi has been on the news since yesterday. The actress went on loggerheads with the Traffic DCP Rahul Hegde over a parking spot issue and the issue is still going on.

Dimple refused to speak to the media about the case as she is going the legal way already, but the actress is putting up her side indirectly on social media. The CCTV footage also shows that Dimple kicked the traffic cones placed near Rahul’s car and that could not have damaged the latter’s car.

While this is on one side, Dimple came up with a photoshoot, where she appeared in red attire. The looks of Dimple are impressive and sultry, the caption is more interesting.

Dimple wrote, ‘Power and credibility stands only when you stand on truth #grayman . Beware every woman have a bit of red in her , not every time she sits silent. #dimplehayathi’. It looks like she is showing the bit of red she mentioned in the caption and also that she is not going to be silent.