Naresh’s Malli Pelli: Ex-Wife Pours Water On Promotions

In recent times, there is no more controversial movie than actor VK Naresh’s “Malli Pelli”, a movie which is actually based on the actor’s newest love and live-in story with actress Pavitra Lokesh. The film is set to hit cinemas tomorrow (May 26) but the actor’s ex-wife Ramya Raghupathy is not in a mood to allow this story to be out unless her divorce case is wrapped, it looks like. 

Ramya Raghupathi has filed a case in High Court now, requesting the honorable court to stop the release of this film which actually narrates the original story of their marriage from only Naresh’s perspective. She filed a lawsuit saying that the movie is actually belittling her character in real life, and she doesn’t want the movie to be released. Even High Court agreed to take up the case and look into the merit of the argument. 

Though Naresh did awesome promotions by using the names of Mahesh and Namrata for the movie, saying that everyone accepted his relationship with Pavitra Lokesh, he maintained that the movie is just a work of fiction but there is no connection to it in real life. However, by looking at the trailer itself, cine pundits are convinced that Naresh made a movie out of his love story with Pavtira to give an answer to the world about why they have fallen in love in the first place. 

With just the release date a day away, surely any shock by the Court pours water on an awesome promotional campaign designed by Naresh, which is both sensational and hilarious. We have to see what happens.