The Original Villain In Virupaksha, If Sukumar Hadn’t Changed It

We all have seen how big a success was Sai Dharam Tej’s Virupaksha. The horror-thriller enthralled the audience so well, that there are some creepy moments that haunted the audience for some days after watching it in theaters.

In a major revelation after the full run of the movie, the director Karthik Varma told who the actual and original villain of Virupaksha was supposed to be. Karthik provided the story for Virupaksha but his guru director Sukumar provided the screenplay and some inputs that transformed the story to a new level. In Karthik’s story, the villain was not Samyuktha Menon but anchor Shyamala.

Sukumar convinced Karthik to shift the villainy to Samyuktha from Shyamala’s role. Sukumar reportedly told Karthik that Shyamala being a villain won’t leave much of an impact on the audience and the whole climax is changed accordingly.

Karthik and Sukumar reworked the story so as to fit Samyuktha in the villain role which eventually made wonders at the box office. Virupaksha managed to collect Rs 100 cr gross and is entertaining the audience on Netflix.