Separating People Is Guruji’s Speciality – Bandla Ganesh

Well, leveling indirect allegations against master filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas is an everyday job for actor-producer Bandla Ganesh who has a rift with many talents in the Telugu film industry. Once again today, he took some indirect potshots against the star director without taking his name. And here goes what he has done.

A netizen has apparently questioned Ganesh as to how one could become a producer in Tollywood, to which the actor replied, “Meet Guruji and give a costly gift, it will happen”. One could understand the satire behind this, but then, many are wondering how many gifts Ganesh has given him to produce movies like Gabbar Singh and Temper. Worried over the hype this tweet is getting, the original Twitter post was deleted by the user who made it.

In another tweet, when someone asked if Guruji is really responsible for killing the original story by providing his trademark screenplay to a movie, Ganesh responded by saying that the specialty of Guruji is separating people, say it wife and husband, father and son or teacher-student. This kind of mockery usually gets lots of attention, but then, the real talent of making a movie and writing a terrific screenplay is something that only “Guruji” could do, but not any of the people who mock him on Twitter.

That’s the reason many commoners on the internet are asking, Guruji can produce a movie now, but can these satirists write something like that of Guruji? Well, it’s impossible.