Ashish Vidyarthi gives explanation on ‘Malli Pelli’

Renowned actor Ashish Vidyarthi recently took to Instagram to share some significant updates about his life. In a heartfelt video, he opened up about his recent marriage, his divorce from his previous wife, and the importance of happiness and respect in personal relationships.

In the video, Ashish spoke about his new wife, Rupali Barua, and how they met and connected on a deep level. Despite their age difference, with Ashish being 57 and Rupali being 50, he emphasized that age should not hinder anyone’s pursuit of happiness and finding a compatible life partner. He encouraged his viewers to respect others’ choices and lifestyles, highlighting that everyone deserves happiness.

Ashish also touched upon his previous marriage to Rajoshi Barua, with whom he has a son named Arth. He acknowledged the importance of happiness in a relationship and shared that after 22 years of marriage, he and Rajoshi realized their visions for the future diverged. They made the difficult decision to part ways amicably, prioritizing their happiness and ensuring a respectful separation. Ashish expressed gratitude for their beautiful phase together and their son’s growth.

With a firm belief in finding a life partner to share his journey with, Ashish expressed his desire to get married again and put that intention into the universe. His recent marriage to Rupali Barua is a testament to his belief in love and companionship.

Ashish’s video, titled “An Update On My Life,” resonated with his followers as he shared personal aspects of his journey with honesty and grace.

We wish Ashish Vidyarthi and Rupali Barua a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment as they embark on this new chapter together.