Is Thaman Really Breaking Keyboards?

They say that when he gets angry, SS Rajamouli hurls the ‘microphone’ in his hand against the floor as the onlookers watch it break into pieces. Similarly, now the talented composer SS Thaman is claiming that he is breaking ‘keyboards’ while composing songs for one particular hero.

During a TV program, Thaman specified to star hero Allu Arjun that while composing the music for the mega hero’s movies, he actually breaks lots of keyboards. Though he hasn’t fully explained if he is breaking keyboards when he got struck with ideas or with the frustration that he has to deliver only superhit songs and background music, it is the reply from Allu Arjun that broke everyone into laughs. “I heard that you’re breaking drums for other films”, Bunny quipped, pushing Thaman into a laughing mode.

Of course, for movies like Akhanda and Bheemla Nayak, the talented composer got some drum instruments from other states and when he tried to create intense sound, they got broken. But one wonders how much fact is there that he is breaking keyboards when scoring music for Allu Arjun’s films something that only he could explain deeply.