Charmme Gets Trolled For Monday Morning Pic

Punjabi beauty Charme Kaur has established herself as a successful producer in Puri Jagannadh’s directorial and was a former actress, also an influencer in Tollywood. She has recently released a double Ismart Shankar poster which got immense applause from fans and the negative is for movie distributors who went on strike over her earlier Vijay Devarakonda’s flop movie Liger. Nevertheless, Charme Kaur has made her mark with another successful trolling campaign. 

Guess what, other day when she posted a ‘Monday Morning’ picture, surely the actress hasn’t expected of what is going to come her way. The actress’ post on Instagram yesterday morning drew attention from netizens due to an alcoholic beverage depicted in the picture. In her caption, she mentioned, “Monday office begins with a hug😘 🧿”.  she expressed excitement for starting her work week with a “hug”. As she indicated her pet in her hand and hugged him. Despite good intentions, the post received criticism for drinking alcohol early in the morning. The post received backlash and Charmme has disabled comments on the post.

While it might look like an ordinary glass, one cannot be sure if the contents are liquor or juice. Additionally, it is quite normal for some Punjabis to drink at any hour of the day. Well, trolling is a thing these days and Charmme got a first hand experience other day, yet again.