Rumour: Star Heroine’s Personal Life Got Messy


While she never looks like a star-heroine material, her terrific acting prowess, and vibrating screen presence have made her a sought after starlet in Telugu despite her figure and looks. It is now coming out that the star heroine actually tried to deliver a message to someone, and that failed big time, making her personal life messier. 

Apparently, the star heroine is said to be interested in a particular guy but her parents will not be happy with the choice. To break the ice, the actress started speaking about her BF on social media, indicating that they are ‘just’ friends. With the media writing about this newest couple in town, her parents took the matter seriously and announced that their daughter is not dating anyone. The situation is that the star heroine can’t condemn the news publicly, and at the same time, can’t convince her parents about the guy she wants in her life. They say that her personal life fell into a soup now. 

But then, many are wondering if the heroine is really serious about what she is doing because she has almost 6-7 years of interesting career ahead in case if she plans it well. We have to see what happens next in her life