Godhra: BJP Getting Another Movie Ready?

Cinema is a medium that can reach where anything else could not. The leading political parties backing films that elevate them and denounce the opposition is not an uncommon practice in India. But, BJP seems to be on a movie spree for the last few years and this year appears to be the peak of it.

It is known that a direct film on PM Narendra Modi was made with Vivek Oberoi in the lead role. Not just that but another movie was made to mock at the then PM Manmohan Singh. Needless to mention The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story. Some of these films garnered huge applause at the box office and this has boosted the political outfit to support more films in the line.

The recently announced ‘The India House’ and ‘Swatantrya Veer Savarkar’ appear to be an attempt from the national party to put Veer Savarkar above Mahatma Gandhi as a freedom fighter. Now another movie is announced with the title, ‘Godhra’.

2002 Godhra riots dented PM Narendra Modi’s name and now the movie on the riots seems to be the BJP’s version. With the tagline ‘Accident or Conspiracy’, Godhra first look has the train in smoke. The teaser doesn’t have more details, but the names on the teaser set an expectation already.

It has to be seen if BJP is bringing on more movies before the next general elections.