Teja Reveals How He Tortured Abhiram, But Why?

Director Teja is directing the debut movie ‘Ahimsa’ of Abhiram Daggubati. Teja’s speech at the prerelease event confused everyone and it was not clear why he stated that the movie did not come out well.

In yet another promotional interview, Teja revealed how he tortured Abhiram and all things he made the young actor do before starting the shoot. Many started wondering why he has to make Abhiram go through such hardship!

Teja reveals that he asked Abhiram to ride the bicycle from the bottom to the top of the hill at Rama Naidu studios in a time limit. But after Abhiram managed to do it, Teja said that he changed it to a TVS bike instead of a bicycle. He further reveals that Abhiram injured his knees after Teja asked him to climb up the hill with mud covered body, carrying 20 guns on one shoulder and the heroine on the other. Abhiram was hospitalized for four months and he was made to carry 50 kilos after he recovered and send a video proof of it every day.

While emphasizing that it was Abhiram’s sincerity that worked there but not his family background or anything else. Teja says that is the reason he made Ahimsa with Abhiram.

Well, it is understood that Abhiram is a sincere actor who is ready to go through severe suffering to prove himself as an actor. But the question here is why Teja had to give him that ‘Himsa’ for Ahimsa when he doesn’t really need those tough tasks like bicycling up the hill in the movie.

The perception of Teja to put an actor under severe physical and mental training bring the best out may not be always correct. If it really worked, each and every actor who worked under Teja’s direction should be occupying the top league by now.