#RanaNaidu: Venkatesh Acknowledges Criticism and Promises Improvement for Season 2


Victory Venkatesh debuted in the digital space with the Netflix-backed web series “Rana Naidu,” which featured adult content and cuss words. Although the show garnered a high viewership on Netflix, Venkatesh and his nephew Rana Daggubati faced trolling and criticism. Venkatesh has been busy shooting for his next project and has recently been unavailable to the media.

Venkatesh Daggubati has finally responded to the reception of his series “Rana Naidu” during a press meet for the film “Ahimsa.” When asked about the reaction from fans, Venkatesh stated that Netflix is happy with the response and they had attempted something new with the series.

Venkatesh acknowledged that it is not always possible to please every section of the audience. Regarding the second season, Venkatesh mentioned that since “Rana Naidu” is original content, they will consider making alterations and try to reach a wider audience. He expressed that they would discuss “Rana Naidu” in the future but kept his initial response short and simple.

Expressing his satisfaction with the response to the show, Venkatesh stated that he always tries something new and will explore the possibility of making changes for the second season of “Rana Naidu.

Venkatesh is set to resume shooting for his film “Saindhav” in June, with a scheduled release date in December 2023. Directed by Sailesh, “Saindhav” is an action thriller.