Young Daggubati Took All The Torture For A Reason


For reasons known to all, younger Daggubati scion, Suresh Babu’s younger son Abhiram felt a lot of oppression due to many allegations and comments a couple of years ago. Since then, the star kid is trying to make his debut as a hero and things never materialised. Finally, he got Teja’s Ahimsa, and the film is hitting cinemas this week. 

Apparently, it is not that easy to overcome all the negativity around and prove that he is capable of being a star, and it looks like Abhiram chose the hard way to do it. If the words of director Teja are to be believed, the youngster worked pretty hard for the film, taxing under the sun and sweating out a lot. Teja stated that every day he made Abhiram cycle from the bottom of the hill to the top, inside Ramanaidu Studios, but later haven’t used those shots in the movie.

Also when Abhiram was made to run with guns in one hand, and carrying heroine on his shoulders on the other side, he fell down, and was injured, and the whole unit has to take a 4-month break. But later, Abhiram practised running with a 50kg load on his shoulder for weeks, which he recorded a video of every day and send to Teja, and finally finished that shot with the real heroine.

While Teja says that he tortured the youngster a lot, though he comes from a big family that could produce glossy films for him, Abhiram is said to have taken the role seriously, because he wants to prove a point. He wants to make sure that he is accepted as a leading man. Well, let’s wait for the film to release then.