Watch: Highly Inflammable Mahesh In Guntur Karam

One of the highly anticipated moves of the season, Mahesh Babu and Trivikram’s SSMB28 title and the first look is released today. With ‘Guntur Karam’ as the title, Mahesh Babu is in his oora mass look.

The folk rap in the background and beedi in Babu’s hand, Trivikram seems to have given a transformation to Mahesh Babu yet again. It was Trivikram who opened a new angle of Mahesh through Athadu and Khaleja.

Now Mahesh Babu has entered the ultra mass zone with beedi smoking, a red bandana, and a Guntur accent, as he says, ‘Endi atta chustunnav, Beedi 3D lo Kanapadutunda’ after beating up the goons at the mirchi yard.

The first look has given the euphoria and it has to be seen how spicy and inflammable this Guntur Karam would be.