Nikhil’s Swayambhu First Look

Nikhil’s Swayambhu

Nikhil’s 20th movie was announced yesterday with a pre-look poster where a Sengol was featured. The makers, on Nikhil’s birthday, came up with the first look poster of the movie titled impressively as Swayambhu.

Usually, deities and entities featured in Hindu literature and tradition are regarded to be Swayambhu. But the meaning of Swayambhu here is a self-born warrior. The first-look poster is legendary as it sees Nikhil as a ferocious warrior who is riding a horse and is ready to throw the javelin.

Nikhil who is surprising with his choices of movies of late startles us with this fierce avatar as a legendary warrior. Directed by first-timer Bharat Krishnamachari, the movie will be made on a high budget with Bhuvan and Sreekar of Pixel Studios producing it and Tagore Madhu presenting it.

Top technicians such as music director Ravi Basrur and cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa will be working on the movie.

The Pan India film Swayambhu will have its regular shoot to be commenced in August.