Adipurush Pre-Release Event: What’s With NTR Fans?

Other day, it was a spectacular event in Tirupathi as spiritual leader Chinnajeeyar Swamy graced the pre-release event of Prabhas’ upcoming film Adipurush. But then, fan wars have erupted since this event happened, if we could keep track of the Twitter timelines of these fans and their fan accounts.

Apparently, it led to a war between Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas fans first, then it looks like NTR’s fans have jumped into it. Now they are busy saying that NTR’s Andhrawala audio function saw 10 lakh fans turning up, while Adipurush event saw only 1 lakh fans coming there.

Well, forget about the numbers, but then, rather than embracing the good cinema, why do fans worry about the number of people turned up at events? When Telugu actors and Telugu cinema is being praised worldwide, these online wars regarding the authority and power of a star are useless. Only films with good content reach the world no matter what kind of big star it has.

On the other hand, some people are discussing the silly fights that happened at the film’s event, and they sound as ridiculous as they could be. This is the time to showcase the star power of Telugu heroes to the world again after Ram Charan and NTR did it with RRR, and now Prabhas with Adipurush.