Same Villain For Kamal Haasan And Ram Charan?

Ram Charan’s next after RRR is the much-anticipated movie ‘Game Changer’ in Shankar’s direction. The pan-India movie is yet to gain momentum amid many things and big movies happening now. Shankar is juggling between his baggage ‘Indian 2’ and ‘Game Changer’ with a ten-day schedule for each.

While it is Shankar who is known to be the common link between Indian 2 and Game Changer, there is another big common point in both films, as per reports. An actor is working in both films, and he is SJ Suryah.

Director turned actor SJ Suryaj is acting in Game Changer already in a negative role along with Srikanth in the main villain role. Now it is being heard that SJ Suryah is also the main baddie in Bharateeyudu 2, aka Indian 2.

SJ Suryah acted as a villain in a few films already like Simbhu’s Maanadu and Mahesh Babu’s Spyder. It has to be seen how SJ Suryah shows the contrast in his performances in two different films of the same director.