Who Is Sujatha, Why Siddhu Got Emotional

Siddharth, a prominent actor in the Tamil film industry, recently marked a significant milestone by completing 20 years in his career as a hero. Having debuted in the film “Boys,” directed by the renowned filmmaker Shankar, Siddharth has since acted in numerous films and garnered a loyal fan base. With an exciting lineup of upcoming projects, his next film, “Takkar,” generates great anticipation among audiences. As the film releases on June 9th, he is busy with promotions, and one of the videos from his promotional activities is going viral on social media.

A Tamil media house organized a special fans meet for the actor to commemorate Siddharth’s two decades in the industry. As a delightful surprise, Sujatha Rangarajan, the wife of renowned Tamil writer, Sujatha graced the occasion and felicitated Siddharth.

Her presence deeply moved Siddharth, and became emotional on stage, eventually seeking her blessings. The anchor then introduced Sujatha Rangarajan, highlighting that Siddharth had initially worked as an assistant to director Mani Ratnam, and it was Sujatha who recommended him as an actor to Shankar.

She said, “I suggested to my husband that we recommend him to Shankar, but he refused, saying that the boy wanted to become a director. However, I insisted he would be perfect for the role and conveyed my thoughts to Shankar. When Shankar called Siddharth, he initially declined, expressing his desire to become a director. Then, Shankar asked him to come for a photo shoot, and even Mani Ratnam encouraged him to take up the opportunity, ultimately leading to Siddharth being chosen as the hero.”

Siddharth, deeply grateful for her support, introduced Sujatha Rangarajan to the audience, revealing that he only discovered later that she was the one who had recommended him to Shankar. He expressed his admiration for her intuition, remarking that if she had not spoken up at that time, his life would have taken a different path.