Anasuya Wants To Stop It With Vijay D’s Fans

Ever since the film ‘Arjun Reddy’ was released, anchor Anasuya started attacking sensational hero Vijay Devarakonda for using loads of foul language inside the film. After she made those comments, it is always a tug of war between Vijay’s fans and Anasuya, and the actress pokes the fanbase of the star regularly. But suddenly she needs that piece of mind it looks like, that she changed her stance.

While sharing her thoughts with a media house, Anasuya stated that she lost lots of mental peace ever since she started this cold war with Vijay Devarakonda’s fans. “I don’t know if Vijay knows about this or not, but I’ve come to know that a person close to the star hero is paying money to spread negativity about me on social media. I’m so tired about this whole thing that I want to stop talking about the actor and his acts from now”, she is said to have shared with the media house.

While the comments made by Anasuya regarding the harsh and foul language in Arjun Reddy movie are justifiable, these days her indirect tweets turned out to be more personal as she made fun of the actor using the prefix ‘The’ to his name on the posters of his latest movie Kushi. As that happens to be a personal choice, surely Anasuya shouldn’t have made fun of it they say.