Why Did This Young Hero Choose Pawan’s Lines?

The teaser for Naga Shourya’s upcoming movie Rangabali has been released other day and it is hilarious! But something else has taken the internet by storm, and that also led to some interesting discussions on social media too.

In the world of cinema, it’s not uncommon for emerging talents to seek support from established heroes by inviting them to pre-release events or requesting cameo appearances. However, there are some who take it a step further by incorporating references to popular dialogues spoken by prominent figures in the industry.

One such example is Naga Shourya, who used the iconic line ‘Manalni Evadra Aapedhi’ famously delivered by Power star Pawan Kalyan, in the teaser of Rangabali. Fans of Power Star were thrilled to see this tribute and the comment section overflowed with excitement and are eagerly anticipating a record-breaking success for this movie.

While that dialogue was uttered by Pawan Kalyan during a political interaction with some followers, earlier star composer SS Thaman remixed the line as-is for a song from Bheemla Nayak. And now that Naga Shourya directly used it in his own tone, surely it is grabbing attention. On the other hand, we can say that the struggling hero is trying all possible ways to get a blockbuster to his credit, maybe that is the reason he used Pawan’s lines. A half-dozen of his last outings at the box office are flops by the way.