Adipurush: 3D Vs 2D. Which Is Better?

Prabhas most awaited film Adipurush hit the screens today. Owing to massive hype surrounding the movie and the craze for the lead actor, Adipurush is opened with high expectations from fans. But the film bagged mixed talk.

AdipurushA section of audiences opined that the VFX was poor and dampened their expectations. Whereas, another section of audiences were satisfied with the visual experience and computer graphics.

It is buzzed that the audiences who watched the 3D format were okay with the VFX quality whereas the audiences who watched the 2D format were left disappointed and dissatisfied.

The episodes of Ravana, Lanka empire and climax battle episodes were better in the 3D version whereas those portions were disappointing in the 2D. Many audiences opined this.

It is rumoured that director Om Raut and his team have made adequate changes to the VFX work in 3D version after the first teaser of the film received severe backlash.

In addition, the makers of Adipurush have stressed their promotions on the 3D version and want the audiences to prefer 3D over the 2D. The difference in the quality of VFX could be one of the reasons.