Mahesh Looking For A New Heroine?


One of the upcoming big projects that is getting ready to get rolled in the USA is none other than Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaaru Vari Paata. Directed by Parasuram, the film was supposed to start in March itself, but due to Covid-19 pandemic, it got delayed. And while the team is working out logistics to shooting in Detroit, here comes a twist.

Actually Mahesh and Parasuram had earlier got convinced that Keerthi Suresh will be apt to play the leading lady’s role. Owing to her terrific performances in recent times, surely she is the go-to actress when one needs to carve an author-backed role on the screen. However, she got slimmed down hugely during the lockdown times and that made her look little pale, losing her earlier chubby-like charm.

For that reason, now Sarkaaru Vari Paata team is said to be looking for a new gorgeous actress who could both act well and look terrific. With the team never making it official about the heroine, maybe, one has to believe that they are actually looking for a new heroine. Also, they are not going to cast any seasoned star heroines, according what we hear, because Mahesh wants to wrap the film in a tight budget.

Sarkaaru Vari Paata is jointly produced by Mahesh and 14 Reels Plus.