PK Effect: Half Dozen Small Films Testing Luck!

On July 28th we have Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and his nephew Sai Dharam Tejs’ “BRO” getting released, which makes sure that almost all the theatres are packed with that movie. The rest of the theatres will be screening successful movies like Baby and Samajavaragamana if they hold good till then. And that forced almost half a dozen movies to pick up July 20/21 as their date.

The major release of July 20th is going to be Ashwin Babu (Ohmkar’s brother)’s Hidimba, which is being backed by Anil Sunkara for the release. Joining this movie the next day (July 21) is Vijay Antony’s dubbed film “Hatya” which naturally gets openings due to the hero’s Bichagadu craze. On the same date, comes Ruhani Sharma’s HER, which is banking on the popularity of the heroine.

Also, ’30 Weds 21′ fame Chaitanya Rao’s “Annapurna Photo Studio” movie is releasing on the same date. Some other small movies like senior director Vijay Bhaskar’s son’s Jilebi, and Kajal Aggarwal’s Tamil horror film Karungaapiyam’s dubbed version, titled Kajal Karthika, is also hitting on the same day.

For all these half-dozen films that are targetting next Thursday and Friday, the biggest competitor in A-centres is going to be this Christopher Nolan project. Nolan’s most awaited film “Oppenheimer”, is a biopic of theoretical physicist Robert Oppenheimer who led to the creation of atom bombs and other nuclear weapons through the USA’s Manhattan Project. The film is releasing on a massive scale in India as well, in almost 5 regional languages.

Starting from July 28th with Pawan’s Bro, Tollywood box office is going to witness some massive releases like Anushka and Naveen Polishetty’s Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty, Megastar Chiru’s Bholaa Shankar, Rajnikanth’s Jailer, Vaishnav Teja’s Adikeshava, Srikanth Addala’s Pedda Kaapu and many other films, which might not give breathing space to other small budgeted flicks. Hence we can understand the rush for July 20/21 now.