Hero Stopped Drinking Water For 5 Days

Getting abs is a lot about diet, a little about exercise, and all about attitude. Hero Naga Shaurya has been working rigorously to sport eight pack abs in his ongoing film with Santhossh Jagarlapudi.

He didn’t cheat on his diet even during lockdown days and he has been following the same diet and is sweating out in gym every day. The film’s shoot was recommenced recently and it is taking place in Hyderabad where key scenes are being shot.

These scenes required Naga Shaurya to go shitless and exhibit his 8-pack body. It’s not easy to maintain fit body all the time and Shaurya stopped drinking water and is not even swallowing saliva for last five days. This is unbelievable, but true. This shows his dedication and passion towards cinema.

In this ports drama film, Naga Shaurya plays the role of an archer. Ketika Sharma is the leading lady.