‘Cult Mama’ And ‘Jaragandi’ Worrying Mahesh’s Fans?

One of the busiest music composers in Telugu, Thaman is providing the music for around nine films that are releasing this year and the next. While he is the most wanted among the big-ticket filmmakers, the latest compositions from him are raising more concerns for Mahesh Babu’s fans.

Thaman’s latest release Cult Mama from Skanda lucrative response among the audience. The song composition is ruled out as one of the weakest by the music director. Not just that, the leaked song Jaragandi from an upcoming huge-budgeted film is also from him. That song too was trolled by many on the internet for its routine music.

Now, looking at these two songs, the fans of Mahesh Babu are worried about the music director’s current form. They are heard to be anxious about Guntur Kaaram songs. Earlier, there were rumors that Thaman was shown the door from Guntur Kaaram but nothing of that sort happened. The songs and updates of Guntur Kaaram are delayed much and this is leaving the fans even more worried about the outcome.

Besides the latest trolls, Thaman’s name trends more than often on Twitter for his alleged copy music. BRO’s title theme and OG’s Hungry Cheetah music tunes were lifted from other songs and the music director was heavily trolled for the same. It is high time that Thaman gave a strong album with Guntur Kaaram to suppress the trolls, just like he did with Ala Vaikuntapurram lo back then.